Sunday, June 1, 2014


I know we haven't had the how we got to here written down but so many things happen each day I figured I should write the here and now's and play catch up with the others.
This is our handsome boy. He has gained about 20 lbs. since his first picture. This picture was taken last week.
On May 21 We had had Boychik exactly a month. It was about that time he decided to broaden his territory into the woods.  Somewhere in the woods he found  a mud hole and came home with his lower extremities coated in a rich black mud.  We have a creek running down each property line and one across the middle of the property
Two views of the same creek at a different time of the year.
This year we have lots of rain again and the pasture is remaining very damp.  I haven't been by the creek on the north side of the property but with  the torrential rains we've had I can imagine there is a mud hole.  To make matters worse the neighbor logged his property late fall.  The property is on a steeper side of the hill. I think there is erosion fueling the hole he has found.  He loves his mud baths and comes home covered.  Four days ago he came home with his eyes plastered shut.  I didn't take a picture because I wanted to get him clean.  Yesterday I took time to take a picture of our lummox of a dog.  He must have a pig in his genealogy chart.
Tonight Hunny was re-watching Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone.  Did any one ever think "Fluffy" looked like Pit Bulls?
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