Monday, July 14, 2014


Mommy's home and I am happy again.  Daddy told mommy I hadn't been in my pool while she was gone.  It's not very big and I try to lay down in it and I don't fit.  I love to go in circles and swirl the water.  When it is swirling fast I dunk my nose in it and blow bubbles.

My flubber lips flap around in the water.  I try real hard to get my head under the water but it isn't deep enough.  The pool they gave me is a recycled sand box for little kids.  Do you see those knobs on the side of the pool.  I love to chew on them.

See the water swirling as I circle around.  My favorite thing to do is run real fast down the ramp and jump in and drink and drink and drink.  I get water logged inside and then I give a large burp.  Mommy laughs when I burp.  She tells me not to gulp so fast.

This morning I was doing my zooming routine and I sloshed out over half of the water in the pool. 

Mommy brought out more buckets of water to fill the pool again.  When she poured them in I had to drink as the water was coming out of the bucket.  It tastes so good and it is very cold from the well.  After I got done romping and running back and forth I saw Mommy waiting for me by the door with a towel in her hands. 

It is so nice to be dried.  First she wraps my head in the towel and rubs the dripping water off my flappy jaws.  She keeps telling me how  handsome I am.  Then she tells me to shake hands and she dries each of my feet and legs.  She saves my belly for last and gives a brisk rub down to the belly and back.  I start getting excited at this point because I know when I go in the house I get a Milk bone for a treat.

I take the treat to my Carpet square, after I eat it I will take a big long nap.  Mommy's home, it is so nice to see her and I get to go out during the day and play.  Daddy was a wonderful friend.  He fed me well and gave me lots of love and attention but he was gone all day and when it gets dark I don't like to be outside.

I was real good while Mommy was gone I didn't chew on anything and I didn't have any accidents.  I worked on making friends with the cats.

I am glad she's home.  I don't let her out of my site.  When she is in the kitchen she is hollering at me because she tripped over me.  She always says, "Oops".  Every once in a while there is another word I don't know the meaning of yet.  It sounds like a word I don't want to know its meaning.

Right now I'm headed to dream land.  I want to catch the squirrels there.

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