Friday, June 20, 2014


Today I am visiting "My Guardian Angel". 
He came to my rescue from the moment I was found.  He ran to protect my new owners in case I was one of those pit bulls people despise and was the malicious kind.
Look at my face, can you see any malice, spite, or  any expression which would tell you I am on the defensive, if you don't watch out I will be "offensive".
Me and my Vet (guardian angel)
Can you see the sincerity?  Can you see how much I adore my new owners.  I've almost forgotten the beatings I endured.  I don't have to scrounge for food anymore.  They feed me twice a day.    I wait patently while they count out five, 1/2 cups of food.  Actually not so patiently, I wiggle my behind and wag my tail.  I don't woof though.  I know she is making it for me. 
To show her how grateful I am I don't rush her when she puts the food down.  In fact I don't want to eat till she tells me she loves me and kisses me on the head.  Then I dig in. 
If you want to pet me while I am eating I don't mind.  If one of the cats wants a bite I wouldn't  mind either.  They are having a hard time adjusting to me.  Three of them will let me look at them and even let me sniff them.  Sometimes they get out of sorts and spit and hiss at me.  I just sit when they do that and whine in a real shrill voice.  They don't mind that.  If I give a huge woof they cower and act like I am going to eat them. 
I don't understand why they won't sit still so I can lick them.  I don't chase them even when they run away. If I get too close they scratch my nose.  It hurts but I never snap at them.  I am bigger than them they only weigh about 12 pounds and today when they weighed me I found out how good I've been eating. I weighed in at 77.4 pounds.  When I saw the vet 3 weeks ago I only weighed 68 lbs.  When I came to their house on April 21, I was on the skinny side about 50 lbs. 
This morning, mommy dropped me off  at the "Angel's" Office.  I knew something was up.  She asked me to pose for these pictures.  I didn't want to be any where near him.  He was putting off vibes, I wondered what he had up his sleeve.
I didn't tell you guys, I've known something was up for two days.  Night before last they filled my swimming pool up with water so it could be warmed by the sun. 
That night they made me get in it.  I don't mind climbing in on my own but I absolutely put my foot down when you try to make me do something I don't want to do.  I literally, used the cracks in the deck boards to brace my toes in.  I made them work to get me in there.  They had to pick me up to put me in there.  When I got in it was comfortable enough, but if they hadn't had the leash on me I would have bolted.  Instead when she told me to sit, I plopped down awaiting my demise. 
She had some Aveano Baby bath soap.  It wasn't bad, it didn't have an odor.  I hate smelly stuff it makes me sneeze.  I have allergies, I am so glad she took that into consideration. 
I laid down in the water.  I figured I might as well relax and enjoy the attention and rub down.  Since I can't talk, I couldn't tell them I wasn't all that dirty.  My only problem is I am shedding those soft fine sticky hairs.  They drift everywhere.  The water was cloudy with them when we finished.  My new mommy complains that I stink.  For goodness sake, I am a short hair dog, they are going to have to learn it comes with the territory.
When I got out  of the pool I got a huge laugh.  I shook myself violently,  I almost fell off my feet.  My laugh was because I was watching my owners mimicking me and shaking too.  They were saying, "Shake your booty, shake, shake, shake."  (They were around during the 70's).  They proceeded to dry me down with the softest, fluffiest towels.  They soaked up all the loose water.  Mommy took a small towel and cleaned my face and paid attention to drying out my ears.  I don't need an ear infection from a bath. 
Well back to today.  I had that bath because they were going to take me to get altered.  I have no idea what that is.  Why do I need to be altered?  Did I do something wrong?  The accident, the other day does that warrant being altered?  Chewing up dad's good dress shoes and mom's slippers is that why they are altering me?  Do I need my personality changed?  I've tried to show them I am totally loyal and affectionate.  I guess this is one of those days I can chalk up to life experiences. 
When I got to the vets, I had these vibes he was up to no good.  I could feel it in my bones.  Needless to say, they put me in a cage and told mommy to leave. (Mommy said she would see me later and gave me a kiss). I cried when I saw her leave, I know she stood at the desk for a while.  I could hear her talking to the lady.
Next thing I remember I was pulled out of the cage by two burly guys who I don't know.  They really scared me.  One of them held my leg tight.  I couldn't move it.  Then they poked me with a needle.  It hurt real bad, but 5 minutes later I didn't know anything. I was fast asleep. 
I'm awake now, waiting on mommy to get here.  I can't stand up because my legs don't want to.  When I try, it hurts so bad.
I wonder if this is going to be one of those times I forget about the pain.  I hope so.    I'll post how the rest of the day goes. 
I didn't mention I wasn't alone on this alteration trip,  I brought Baby with me.  This is Baby:
Mom and Dad say's he stinks worse than I do.
When we get home I will post how we are. 
I wonder what "Altered States" means?

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  1. What a brave boy!! I love reading about the adventures of Boychick.