Sunday, November 23, 2014


30 seconds after meeting 1:38 PM
Our first pit bull was a rescued pit bull.  We rescued him from our front gate. Reading this blog is his story.  This blog site was set up for him, to record his story.  To let the world know, to own a pit bull is not any worse than owning a German Shepard, Rottweiler, or any other large dog. 

Why have we been thinking of another dog?  The last try was disastrous for us and Boychik.   The positive side to the negative experience was, we saw how much Boychik needed a companion.  How much he enjoyed having someone he could communicate with.  Boychik has been lonesome for a friend.  The cats won't let him cuddle up with them or even smell them.  He is very animal oriented.  He wants our parrots to be friends with him and it frustrates him to see them in the cage.

1:39 PM
He gets plenty of loving and cuddling from us but he needs someone on his level who can romp and run with him.  He misses the game of it.

Good things come in small packages.  On November 20, 2014 we welcomed a new family member into our home.  We adopted a puppy from "Stray Rescue of St. Louis".  On Thursday November 11, 2014 we emailed our application into Stray Rescue.  The  website said notification within 48 hours.

1:39 PM
On November 14 I wrote this blog article announcing our intentions. 

The day came and went and we still had not been contacted.  We agonized through the next several days.  We kept checking her page.  We were worried someone beat us to the punch and adopted her.  We were hoping to be called and we could take Boychik to her foster home to "meet and greet".  The rescue center doesn't work that way.

Monday morning came, Hunny called the shelter and asked if they had received our application.  The receptionist told us yes but it
hadn't been reviewed yet.  We took it to mean someone else  was
 considered for her forever home.  By Monday evening we figured
1:39 PM 
we should look elsewhere.   It was to be a very busy week for me.  I knew Wednesday was filled with guild meeting and errands.  I was glad we didn't have a new puppy who would feel she would be deserted by us.
Wednesday came and I went to guild.  The meeting place is a large all metal building.  I had never thought about it before but there was no cell phone reception in there.  When I got back in the car I called my Hunny and he said, "I've been hoping you'd call.  Stray rescue called.  In order for them to do the home study
all animals need to have current vaccinations."  
1 hour later 2:43 PM

They would bring the dog to us on Thursday for a "meet and greet" . If the meeting was a success they would leave her for a 5 day home trial.  We would have the option to return her no questions asked if it didn't work out.

We spent the afternoon running 7 Cats to the Vet and "puppy proofing" the house.  The Lady would be delivering her after she got off work.

Puppy arrived at 1:30 PM.  From the pictures on the left, you can see the meet and greet  was a success.  
2:49 PM
7:49 PM NOV. 20

She is very quiet for two seconds.  Only because she wore Boychik out and he is collapsed on the floor in front of her.

As you can see below.  He is totally out of it.

It has been seven and a half hours and we have had a ruckus in the old house tonight.  It has been delightful.

If you're looking for a new friend please don't forget to look at the forgotten dogs.  
Check out your local shelters.

Maybe rescuing a Pit Bull is in your future.

BTW, Her name is "Meydel".

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  1. Welcome Meydel! You've found a truly loving home.

  2. I am so happy for your family! Once you find your breed, they're often like potato chips in that you can't have just one. PB's tend to love other dogs, but all dogs are very clannish and recognize one of "their own" immediately and loooove to play together. These two are probably inseparable already. It makes my heart sing to see someone else share the delights of Pit Bulls.

  3. Chandra, we are actually long hair dog aficionados. Our problem is we love anything that ends up on our porch (we live in the country so animal dumping is rampant). Which has been up to four in the house at one time (animals who find their way to our house usually live 13+ years). Our favorite breed is border collies. Our Boychk seems to love every living thing...he wants to love the cats but he is too rough with them so they run away and then he chases them (Not conducive to loving...) He has made us a convert to the breed. We wonder why they have not been used for service dog. They are so smart and attentive...they only want to please.