Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Very early on March 1, 2015, the incorrigible pair had to have "Pirate Time".  We had had 5 inches of snow during the night.  Needless to say they were very interested in the feel of the new snow and the smells of everything.

"Pirate Time" is where they have a wrestle/growling playtime.  It is very rough and they sound like pirates on the prowl, Argggh.  When they start it inside they are relegated to the outside deck till they are wrestled out.

They noticed something in the treetops.  I have no idea what.  It could have been a bird or a squirrel or with them it could have been a leaf hanging on a branch which attracted their attention.  They are very curious dogs.

Seconds later they heard the basement door open and shut.  Daddy was headed out to sweep the snow off the cars.  Our drive is so steep we have to park down the drive when the weather is bad. (See the Electric pole on the left corner of the picture, it's base is located on the lower level.)
 This had their rapt attention for the next 5 minutes and then it was pirate time again.
The play looks like it is rough but you could put your hand in their mouths at anytime and not be hurt.  I wouldn't want to be next to them while they were doing their thing.  Their weight hitting against you would bowl you over!  They love the snow play, afterwards they crash for "Quiet Time".  That's the best time...lol
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