Monday, August 4, 2014


before bath
We would like to introduce "Shayna".  Hopefully she will become a member of our household.  Right now it is a get in your own corner situation.  Boychik adored her until she came in "his" house.
I gave them each their own raw hide bone.  He didn't want her to have any.  She  decided to steal his knucklebone.  You can't believe the hurt expression on his face when she sniffed at his babies' bodies (stuffed animals he has de-stuffed).  He was very protective of them. 
Then there are "his" Parrots.  We have two African gray parrots; Zephyr and Mariah.  Zephyr and he developed quite a relationship.    In the mornings Boychik approaches the cage and lays on the floor with his nose next to the cage bars.  Zephyr slides down the bars and when he gets to the bottom he sticks his beak on his nose and whines...just like a dog.  Boychik gives a low throated ruff and the bird says, "Puppy dog"  and then he goes and gets his ball to throw at Boychik.  Boychik  ruffs and whines at him and the bird keeps banging the ball against the cage.  When Shayna approached the cage Boycik ran and put himself between her and the birds and when she tried to approach he growled at her. 
She looks to be a Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever.  Her body looks like an Afghan hound but that could be because she is underweight (at least to me she looks underweight).  She was born with almost no tail and what she has, has a crook in it like a "C" hook.  Her face looks retriever, but also looks like the Pyrenees.  She's tall enough to rest her head on a 32" high counter.
We are having moments where she says leave me alone to Boychik.  We haven't got her to go outside yet.  She hates being on a lead.  She is extremely stubborn.  She seems to not understand what to do.  She is not eating properly.  (She did work on the raw hide bone though.)  We were wondering if she might be deaf.  I have tried hand signals with her and she isn't aware I am communicating with her.  She acts stunned, is the only way I can describe it, until Boychik tries to interjects his likes and dislikes, then she gets stiff and growls.  There is no hair raised and no warning, She goes from angel to devil in a Nano second.
She had been here about 2 hours when we decided we couldn't take her smell any longer.  The vet had covered her with Adams Flea/Tick spray.  She has ticks real bad.  Especially seed ticks on all four of her legs.  I decided to give her a bath in Boychik's swimming pool. He couldn't stand she was in it.  We had to put him in the house.  This is Boychik in his pool:
 I figured I could also use a rag and dislodge the bloated seed ticks.  It worked, the bottom of the pool was covered in teensy bloated bodies!  It was only a 1/2 bath, I didn't want to frighten her by keeping her in the pool to long.  I used aveeno baby wash and it didn't really touch the oils in the spray but it did rinse off some of the odor.   She still smells but it isn't as strong and we can pet her without our hands getting inundated with it. She was getting antsy in the pool and I knew it was get her out time.  Drying her with all that hair was a chore. 
Shaineh after bath
When we came in, the remaining baby ticks started falling off all over the house.  I had to get out the vacuum and do everywhere she had been.  Then wonders of wonders, she isn't afraid of it.  I vacuumed her legs and I think she is now free and clear of the creatures.  In the morning we will do another round with the vacuum.
I have been keeping the lead close in case I need to restrain her from infringing on Boychik's territory. 
How did "Shayna" come about?  Sunday morning at 9:30 our vet  called and said he had a long hair dog for us.  I had been thinking about another dog and had voiced that to the vet.  I had told him I really missed having a long haired dog.
We went to see her and we came home with her. 
She is more than a diamond in the rough but we haven't found the way to brighten this jewel. 
She had no name, we named her "Shayna" it means Pretty in Yiddish.

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  1. What a pretty girl she is after her bath. She must feel so good. And what a good boy to let her in his house. I bet they'll get along well.

    1. Until 12:00 PM today I thought about returning her to the Vet...but alas she has made friends with Boychik. They have played so hard they are both sound asleep right now! (if she doesn't house break, that could be a deal breaker...) I can't tell you how gentle he has been with her. It was like he understands what is wrong. I have changed my opinion of pit bulls a long time ago, but this has given me a new appreciation of their talents.

  2. she looks like golden retriever mix!

    1. You're right, she does look like a golden in the face, her yellowish tinge to her white says that too.. But her body....geesh she's a good hand taller than any golden I've seen.