Monday, February 16, 2015


If you haven't read about me before, I am Meydel.  That's yiddush for little girl.  I'm Boychik's baby sister.  Boychik is yiddish for little boy.  He's not so little though.  He weighs about 90 pounds.   He's been around for almost a  year.  You can read about some of his exploits in the other blogs.

This week I have been in my forever home for three months.  We are still going through lots of "Situations".  

The biggest one, I seem to have come to my new home with separation anxiety.  If they walk out of the room and come back in I have to greet them as if they have been gone for days.  I jump on them and snibble on them.  I don't have a soft mouth so the snibbling hurts sometimes. 

They have to hold my collar and distract me to get me to calm down.  Then I let them pet me and love me.  They say to each other, "When we google, how to break this habit, there has been no answer for us."

I have learned how to tell Mommy I have to go, but I don't tell her till after I have gone.  I run up to her and bark, she looks at me and says, "Oh no, again.  You were just out 10 minutes ago."  Then we clean up the mess.  I am good about going when she lets me out, but I leave it up to her to decide it is time to go.  When they let me out I go potty when they ask me to, even if I have just gone .  I know what to do and when to do it but when I am playing I just go where I am at.

I can hold it through the night, so that is not my problem.  Mommy has a secret.  She picks up the water bowl at 9:00 PM and doesn't put it down till I've been potty the next morning.  
I do have a couple of pluses.  I am a superb watch dog.   I sound the alarm even when it's a B & E on a television program.  When I watch TV,  I think it is something happening in another room.  

Today when Dad was viewing the pictures he took of me on his 32" X 18" monitor I looked up, saw myself, and started barking at the Doggy in the window.

Another plus I have, is I am a tattle-tale.  When Boychik is doing something he shouldn't I have a shrill bark that brings Mommy running.  I use that same bark to tell her when he takes my toys and won't let me play with them.  

I love to cuddle and they love to cuddle me.  It's when I get rambunctious they get perturbed.  I can't just sit on the couch and be petted.  I want to rough-house.  I want them to let me bite them like I do Boych.  Boych lets me pull him by his jowls and never complains.

They were spoiled by Boych.  When he relaxes he crashes.  He's out like a light in seconds.  We've seen him fall asleep with his head up and it drops like a boulder to the floor with a loud heavy thunk.

I'm through the teething stage (I think).  They didn't appreciate when I showed them I liked to chew.  I tried the corners of the coffee table when they weren't around.  They were good but not as good as the newel on the arm of the sofa.  After I got reprimanded for those things and decided I better stick to the logs they give me.  I've only chewed one tennis shoe, one slipper, one dress shoe, and one everyday shoe.  All but one were put up where I supposedly couldn't get them.   I decided it wasn't worth getting in trouble for, so I have stopped doing it.  They still don't trust me with the shoes.  

One of my favorite things they give me to chew is a black walnut.  I don't have it long though.  Boych chews his up lickity split and then comes to steal mine.  I yell for Mommy and she retrieves it and the minute she turns her back he takes it again.

Today it snowed.  There is enough snow I can play snow plow with my nose.  I really have fun biting at the chunks of snow which pop up. I am really a tomboy at heart.  I'll be a little lady soon enough.

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