Sunday, March 1, 2015


Best friends come in all kinds of packages. But the best package is a cuddle package.

They are on a love-seat in the den.  It seems an appropriate place for them to crash. 

Five minutes before both of their heads were on Hunny's lap.  He slid out from under them and they never even budged.

Are you wondering why there are so many sleeping photos of them.  It seems sleeping is one of a pit bull's favorite things to do.  

Their play is so rambunctious we call it "Pirate time".  When I holler "Pirate Time" they know to head to the deck door and they take their rough housing outside. They make argghh sounds while they are wrestling violently.  You do not want to be in the path of the two. Their weight and their PSI will over-end you.  The minute they come in they head to the water and then to the couch, where it is "Quiet Time".

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